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Your contribution will keep rural healthcare alive and thriving in your South Dakota community, while providing immediate or deferred tax benefits for you and your family. If you appreciate healthcare and understand the importance of having rural healthcare in your community, please consider supporting your community through the Horizon Health Foundation.

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1978 Founders Society

The 1978 Founders Society was established in honor of the year Horizon Health Care, Inc. was founded, to honor those who continue to move Horizon's mission forward in providing high-quality healthcare to rural and underserved communities for generations. Members of the 1978 Founders Society have named the Foundation as the beneficiary of a planned gift. By naming the Foundation in your will, you're leaving a healing legacy for your family and your community and living on in their memory as a generous investor of healthcare. Through the 1978 Founders Society, you can meet the long-term need for medical, dental, and behavioral healthcare across South Dakota.

Create a healing legacy that lasts today, tomorrow, and for generations to come! Contact us for more information!

Current Members

  • Doug and Catherine Eidahl
  • Waiting to list your name here!

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Learn more about ways you can support our organization, or if you've already included or are considering including a gift to us as part of your estate plan or in the form of another gift, we would like to recognize your support.